MIS/ERP for web offset printing
About ERPprint
Production planning, pre-press and post-press processes, mailroom, warehouse and stock management, shipping, CRM, various reports (cost, waste, OEE, TEEP), waste management, maintenance and much more all in one application. Keep all your documents uploaded to your server, find them quick and easy. ERPprint is a web application (Saas - software as a service) with the goal to cover all work processes arising in a printing house.
Web offset printing printing house layout
Production planning
Production status at a glance, create custom post-press processes. Plan your products in advance and calculate paper need. Split production between any number of printing machines. Add chat messages to products to inform employees. Create templates to plan your products with a few clicks.
Web offset printing production planning
Easy product shipping oversight. Create templates for each product and generate delivery notes and manifests with a click. Pallet and bundle labels generated automatically. Plan product delivery and freights. Manage inserts and create any number of custom post-press processes. Manage delivery addresses and create templates to easily replicate shipments.
Web offset printing mailroom
Planned maintenance tasks for personnel, follow-up on completed work. Catalog your equipment to the last bolt in a tree structure, upload equipment user manuals. Spare parts warehouse management, minimum spare part quantity notice. Manage your spare part suppliers on one place. Register malfunctions, upload images. MTTR, MTBF, malfunction, etc. reports.
Web offset printing maintenance
Manage any number of paper and raw material warehouses. Barcode based paper reel storage. Automatically allocate raw material to products based on paper usage. Export all data ready for bookkeeping, connect database to SAP databases. Maintain up-to-date stock information, keep all data at hand. Manage any additional material.
Web offset printing warehouse
Create detailed complex quotes in a few steps, save, modify, send them to customers. Make custom quote templates with your logo, header and signature. Keep track of communication with your customers.
Web offset printing CRM